Operating system for noBackend webapps.


Once started, CloudWall need no internet connection to operate, apps and docs are stored locally. You can edit and save docs offline – and they get synced to clouds when you go online.

General info & architecture

Syncs with Couch

Sync your in-browser doc/app storage with external CouchDB instances – build your own private networks and clouds. CouchDB instances act as data hubs, moreover, you can host CloudWall itself in CouchDB.

Sync and private clouds

Built-in IDE

CloudWall apps are just DB docs of special type. Built-in IDE allows to develop and test apps right in browser tab – so you can create simple app literally in minutes and get it shared in seconds.

API · App Editor

Fork friendly

CloudWall sources are just JSON docs, all created in CloudWall itself. You can replicate entire set of sources, for play or for building special fork. Sorces are also perfect for learning Ddoc Lab.

Get sources · Ddoc Lab