To search entire FAQ just press Ctrl-F or ⌘-F and use browser built-in search. 


Where is my Start button?

Just click on DB name when in doc list. You’ll see all apps available for the DB.

On the picture above heading Demo & Docs with triangle aside was clicked.

What is what?

Left pane is DB list with apps pinned to DB for quick access. Right pane is the list of apps running – click on app instance to switch.

Doc list is too messy!

Sort it or filter it. You can pin app state with filter on and name it something like Docs list. Next time you click pinned app you’ll see filter restored.

How can I get doc info?

Click its icon – and you wil see popup with info and actions.

How to delete (copy, clone) doc?

Click its icon.

If I close tab – what about unsaved?

If you close editor with doc unsaved, system asks you what to do. If you close tab or go away, system check all editors running and asks you to stay if there are docs unsaved.


How can I manage my account?

Click Profile gray link at the bottom of right aside to open profile editor. It works in separate tab to secure keys and PIN.

It’s good idea to close all other CloudWall tabs before saving modified account info.

What info about me do you collect?

We use Google Analytics, thats all.

We never store you docs, we don’t store or even transmit your PIN, we know nothing about your cryptokeys and cloud URLs you’re synced with.

How to sync multiple devices with one account?

You must create external Couch and sync your system DB with it. When you register from new device, click Link to account... at the bottom of regform, then enter URL and credentials. Save account, enter PIN and wait until all become synced.

How my keys and passwords are protected?

All you cryptokeys and passwords to external DBs are stored encrypted with your PIN salted. No app in system can read these data decrypted.

Can I restore PIN?

No, there is no way. Sorry.  It does not by default mean you loose all your docs. You can delete system DB manually (read about ‘Delete account’) and re-register. Then add your previous DBs name by name – and you can use non-encrypted docs.

Can I delete account, but keep docs?

There are two ways.

1. Open System DB, open its DB Settings app and click Delete DB permanently red link (bottom of Settings panel).

2. To delete your system DB manually:

  • Close all tabs with system
  • Go to the profile page
  • Do not type PIN
  • Open console and type PouchDB.destroy("cw"). Wait several seconds and reload page. 
Then register again and add your previous DBs name by name – and you can use non-encrypted docs. All sync info and keys will be lost in this case.


What is my disk quota?

Chrome quota is up to 1/10 of your disk drive. Same for Opera. FF doesn’t impose any restrictions. Weird IE9 limits all to 250Mb.

Safari 8 will ask you every 100Mb, it’s quite annoying and somehow baggy.

To check what is your quota use http://demo.agektmr.com/storage/ tool.

Can I attach large files?

Files up to 10Mb are ok. 20–50Mb are ok for desktops. Larger attachments you can share using online file repos – in-browser manipulation can be extremely sluggish.

How much traffic sync consumes?

Only changed docs are replicated with small overhead for metainfo. Average json doc is several kilobytes long. If doc has attachments and they were not changed during doc update, only doc body is transmitted.

Is in-browser storage reliable?

There is no open systematic investigations about browsers’ persistent storage reliability. However we know several huge corporate systems, that use in-browser storage at least as intermediate for offline.

So think it’s reliable, but have a synced copy in external CouchDB. CouchDB is absolutely reliable even in case of blackout, as we know by our own experience.

Can I undo doc saving?

In general CouchDB store all doc’s revisions until DB is compacted. So there is good chance to retrieve doc’s previous revision from external cloud, but you must be very geek to do it.

Sync and clouds

How can I connect to a cloud?

Someone must send an URL of a cloud or share code with you. You just press Add new DB and paste a code or URL.

Also you can create your own cloud – and share it.

Who wins on concurrent doc save?

Nobody wins. Both docs are stored, conflict resolution is up to you. 

How long it takes to sync?

In most cases – seconds. Long docs – sometimes minutes. If you have a lot of docs to sync (you just connected or went online after long offline) – it can take a time.

Replication is transparent – you can do anything during sync.


How to generate / share cryptokey?

Open profile manager page and close all other tabs with CloudWall. To share key click Share and send the text to a person.

To create or install key click Add key. If you create new key – enter key’s name. If you install key – paste code into popup.

Is it all safe?

It is more or less safe if you are careful in:

  • distributing keys
  • sharing DBs
  • creating new user in external CouchDB for each person you share your cloud
  • trusting or untrusting new apps
  • managing what is private – keep these docs in a DB that isn’t shared.

Apps, that contain or have access to critical info, better run in separate browser tab.

You must understand, that system is beta and can not be absolutely safe unless you encrypt your docs.

Can I grant per-document access rights?

No, the only way to restrict docs from unauthorized reading is to encrypt them. The only way to restrict deletion/overwrite – give no write access to whole cloud DB to ensure no user changes replicates back. It is like Dropbox, only per-folder (per-DB) access control.