CloudWall v1.9β

Operating system for noBackend webapps.


Once opened, CloudWall need no internet connection to operate – apps and docs are stored locally. You can edit and save docs offline – and they get synced with clouds when you come online.

General info · Architecture

Syncs with Couch

Sync your in-browser doc/app storage with external CouchDB instances – build your own private networks and clouds. CouchDB instances act as data hubs, moreover, you can host CloudWall itself at CouchDB.

Sync and private clouds

Built-in IDE

CloudWall apps are just DB docs of special type. Built-in IDE allows to develop and test apps right in browser tab – so you can create simple app in minutes (literally) and get it shared in seconds.

How to create an app


CloudWall requires simplest static hosting to start – it‘s just a set of html, css and js files. Fork it – build your own version of OS, with your set of apps. Deploy a fork – download it as tar.gz or put into CouchDB.

Forking CloudWall